Bryce Harper news has Phillies’ World Series odds skyrocketing

After years of speculation and prep, the Phillies have landed their celebrity.
It took until the final day of February, but the Phils and Bryce Harper have agreed to some deal worth $330 million, a source tells NBC Sports Philadelphia Phillies insider Jim Salisbury.
Manny Machado functioned as the pace car, agreeing on Feb. 19 to a 10-year, $300 million deal with the Padres. At one point in the offseason, it seemed that valuation was too large due to his or her liking, although the Phils prioritized Machado. Harper brings more of an entertainment factor and will probably be better for business, which likely factored into the purchase price tag. Harper is a much better fit since he adds power that is left-handed.
From the days leading up with Harper to the Phillies’ agreement, he had been attached to their capacity and the Dodgers, a suitor due to their deep pockets, proximity to Harper’s Las Vegas home. But money always talks along with the Phillies’ offer was the richest.
Though Harper has struck below .250 in two of the previous three seasons, he’s one of baseball’s largest offensive difference-makers. In a healthy season, you know that over 100 walks from him and you are going to get power numbers. In a year after it

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