Calories You Burn Outdoors Bike Riding

How Many Calories You Burn Playing Sports

Calories You Burn Outdoors Bike RidingThis article examines how many calories you burn playing sports, doing yard work, pretty much anything other than staying inside.

One of the biggest reasons a lot of people fail to keep the weight off is because they get burned out going to the gym. Long before I lost 265 pounds and kept it off, I would try my hardest to shed the weight only to have it come back with a vengeance. The diets would change, but the exercise routine would not. In fact, one of the first things I would do is get a gym membership.

Whether the routine just got stale, or dragging myself there after work became an increasing struggle, or I just wasn’t big on the treadmill… the gym was always a big obstacle for me. And I think it’s that way for a lot of people for a lot of different reasons.

The key for me to was re-think my fitness strategy. I finally hit my stride and kept a routine by simply walking outside. The stroll became my lunchtime constitutional and over time I built up to five miles a day.

Even if walking isn’t your thing, there are still a ton of ways for you to slim down without going to the gym. There is everything from hiking to hopping on a bike to picking up a glove and bat and playing baseball. You will benefit from literally almost anything you do outside. And during the summer it is even easier.

If you really want to slim down buy a pair of roller blades and go skating around the neighborhood. That is one of the best exercises to achieve maximum calorie burning.

But before you can lace up the skates or pick up a bat you need to step away from the keyboard, remote control or TV and go outside. The key is just to break from our typically sedentary lifestyle. By indulging your inner child with summer past times or even doing grown-up work around the house, you’ll be doing your body good.

The same break from technology is critically important when it comes combating childhood obesity. Instead of staying inside and playing video games all day, kids should be out having fun for at least an hour. Good luck getting them to do chores though.

Here is a look at how many calories you burn outdoors doing some of these summertime favorites.

Activity: calories burned per hour 150 lbs. person / 200 lbs. person


  • Swimming (just splashing around) 340 calories / 455 calories
  • Swimming (laps): 408 calories / 546 calories
  • Canoeing: 204 calories / 273 calories


  • Basketball: 476 calories / 637 calories
  • Baseball: 272 calories / 364 calories
  • Tennis: 408 calories / 546 calories
  • Volleyball: 204 calories / 273 calories


You’ll burn far more calories walking the course rather than taking a cart

  • Golf (walking): 238 calories / 319 calories
  • Golf (cart): 170 calories / 228 calories

Riding Bikes

  • Bicycling: 340 calories / 455 calories

Running / Walking / Hiking

  • Running (5 mph/12 min mile): 476 calories / 637 calories
  • Running (6 mph/10 min mile): 612 calories / 819 calories
  • Walking (2.5 mph): 136 calories / 182 calories
  • Walking (3 mph): 156 calories / 209 calories
  • Backpacking: 408 calories / 546 calories


  • Mowing lawn: 238 calories / 319 calories
  • Mowing lawn (riding): 102 calories / 137 calories

Burning The Most Calories

  • Rollerblading: 748 calories / 1,001 calories

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