What if the marijuana diet was real and smoking a joint could actually help you lose weight? That seems crazy, right?

When you think about marijuana there’s a pretty good chance you think about the munchies. The two are indelibly linked like peas and carrots. One could reasonably conclude that smoking a lot of weed greatly increases the risk of becoming overweight or obese.

But seems doesn’t always mean that’s the way it actually is. What if a marijuana diet can actually help you lose weight?

That may in fact be the case. Some scientists believe the sticky-icky may actually help tackle the obesity epidemic!

Two decades worth of research shows that in states where medicinal marijuana has been legalized the obesity rate dropped by as much as six percent! The decline occurred within the first five years of the new laws taking effect.

It’s unclear exactly why this is occurring, but researchers have two simple theories that could help explain the marijuana diet phenomenon.

First, scientists believe patients who use marijuana are able to successfully treat pain. In turn, they are able to resume exercising and subsequently burn calories and move the scale in the right direction.

The second theory suggests a positive effect of legalized medical marijuana on the street market. In states where a green light has been given medical marijuana the cost of the herb on the street has declined. Because of more affordable prices, scientists believe more people are reaching for a zero-calorie joint and passing on high calorie beers and shots of whiskey.

Still, both seem to defy the effects of cannabinoids (think THC). These are the compounds responsible for the brain sending out signals that you’re hungry. These transmissions are better known as “the munchies”.

Interesting right?

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