Ranking The Most Obese Countries In The World

Although the United States has become an unfortunate poster child for unhealthy lifestyles, it is not the most obese country in the world. Not by a long shot, according to World Health Organization data analyst Ramon Martinez.

Using the findings from a study conducted over a 23-year span, Martinez concludes the U.S. is the 27th fattest country in the world with 66.3% of all adults being categorized as either overweight or obese.

However, in terms of obesity alone (BMI ≥ 30) the land of the free and home of the Whopper jumps up to 19th place.

Both rankings pale in comparison to the nation of Tonga which ranks 1st on both lists. An astounding 86.1% of adults there are either overweight or obese with 60.1% qualifying as the latter.

10 Fattest Countries In The World

Rankings based on adults 20+ years old who are overweight or obese.

  1. Tonga
  2. Samoa
  3. Kiribati
  4. Qatar
  5. Kuwait
  6. Libya
  7. Egypt
  8. Marshall Islands
  9. Federated States of Micronesia
  10. Jordan / Palestine (tie)

The interactive chart below shows full rankings for all 188 countries included in the study.