A woman in London claims to have lost 265 pounds and drastically improved her sex life by letting leeches suck her blood!

Loosing weight is a little bit different for everyone, but for Aleksandra Bogatyriova it’s REALLY DIFFERENT.

Bogatyriova, a 48-year-old mother of two, tells the Daily Mail the slimy vampires sucked her down from a size 28 to a size 12.

Before she began leech therapy she weighed 280 pounds and she claims it didn’t take long before she started to slim down. After just one week of having blood sucked from her rear end she says she lost 13 pounds. Over the next year she credits 200 different leeches with getting her all the way down to 155.

“The leeches have aided detoxification, helped improve my general well-being and using them was the key to weight loss,” she said.

Bogatyriova now says she can’t live without them. And that’s probably because her leeches also kind of became her “friends with benefits.”

Following her weight loss success she started using them for orgasm therapy. The treatment includes putting leeches inside of her to suck on her cervix. She proclaimed the therapy a rousing success after she was able to experience multiple orgasms for the first time in her life.

“They are my babies and they live in big jars in my kitchen. I put them inside my mouth to clean my gums and make my teeth healthy, they hang from my face and help with pimples and wrinkles and keep me in shape both in and outside the bedroom,” Bogatyriova said.

Apparently leech therapy is a growing industry in the United Kingdom.

“More and more the benefits of leech therapy are becoming mainstream and in fact Britain has the biggest leech breeding firm for medicinal use,” she said.

Today Alex travels the world teaching others about these bloody creatures.