The Weight Loss Champion Chuck Carroll proves you can trick yourself into cutting calories

There is a sad truth that we must all come to accept — there is no quick way to lose weight.


But alas, there is good news that can make the whole process seem a little less daunting. Seem being the operative word.

Our brains are wired in such a way that you can literally trick yourself into eating fewer calories.

Indeed, there are Jedi mind tricks to battle the bulge. And they are all so ridiculously simple you don’t have to be Luke Skywalker to do them! Plus, these are perfect for days when the force just isn’t strong enough to get you into the gym.

So, while you’re technically not burning any calories you can still save a bundle thanks to these brain games.

1.) Turn off the TV

TV In The Dark
Studies show eating in front of the TV tends to lead to consuming hundreds of extra calories.

Eating in front of the tube puts you at risk for downing as many as 288 extra calories, according to a University of Massachusetts study.

If you actually take the time to sit down and have a good old fashion family dinner at the table you’re going to be doing your body good.

It’s all about mindless eating. Who hasn’t plopped down on the couch and inhaled an entire bag of chips? We get so distracted by what we’re watching that our brain forgets to send a signal that the stomach is full.

And since eating is all about emotions, a glutton of twists, turns and OMG moments on Scandal are really going to put a hurting on your waistline!

Sorry, but Olivia Pope must wait.

2.) Go with the blue plate special

How many blue foods can you name other than blueberries?

If you’re struggling to come up with one you’re not alone. They just aren’t many natural blue foods out there. So, the brain does not perceive blue to be an appetizing color.

So why not do a little mind voodoo and eat off a blue plate?

Even if it’s your favorite food in the world, researchers say you won’t be tempted to pile the plate nearly as high if it’s blue.

3.) Use smaller plates

This is one case where perception is not reality.

Suppose you can’t even stomach the idea of eating off of a blue plate. Go with a smaller plate and you’ll still reap similar benefits.

How crazy is this? If you serve the exact same meal with the exact same portions on a regular size plate and one that’s a little smaller your brain will think you’re eating less from the bigger plate!

Food on the smaller plate will be tightly packed while you’ll see some empty space on the large plate. Your brain can’t comprehend the same amount is on both plates. So, if you’re eating from the larger dish you’re more likely to pile on more food than you actually need.

Think about it like this… if you use a plate that’s 10% smaller you’ll cut your calories by a tenth and still feel just as full!

4.) To go box

This is something we all should be doing when we go out to eat.

When you place your order ask the server to bring a to go box as soon as your order is up. Before you start eating put a third of your meal in the box and presto… you’ve cut your calories by 33%.

It sounds silly, doesn’t it? Trust me, it works. This is one of my big time go-to tips to keep off the 265 pounds I lost.

Keep in mind

While these tips are a great way to stay honest on “off days” this food voodoo is not meant to be a substitute for exercise.

You can never lead a truly healthy lifestyle without getting your body moving. However, that doesn’t mean you have to sweat in a gym.