Couple Having Sex
Everything you do in bed burns calories!

Have you ever wondered how many calories you burn having sex? Of course you have! And there there no doubt that having sex is way more fun than going to the gym!

So, here’s some good news… literally everything you do while getting down burns calories and helps you burn calories and ultimately lose weight.

In this battle of the sexes everyone wins.

However, men actually burn more calories than the women during sex. Men burn an average of 100 calories in the bedroom, but for women it’s only 69 (insert joke here).

And in case you were wondering the average session lasts a shade under 30 minutes.

Chuck’s advice: Think about baseball, work, whatever! Make it last because the longer you go the more calories you’ll burn! Perhaps consult Sting.

How Many Calories You Burn Having Sex

Let’s crunch some numbers…

You burn 8 calories just by getting naked

There’s no rush. Make a game out of this. Slowly disrobe each other and you’ll actually burn an extra calorie or two.

You burn 68 calories per hour while kissing

Simple. Soft. Romantic.

You burn 476 calories per hour while making out… heavily

This is where it gets interesting. According to sexologist Jaiya Kinzbach, there is a big difference between just kissing and making out. You have to be way more “hands on” with the latter. Throw in some heavy breathing with the petting and you get a heck of a workout.

You burn 80 calories per hour while giving a massage

Perfect for foreplay and a workout. Just like making out it’s best to be hands on.

You burn 288 calories per hour having sex

From the window… to wall…

This is the grand finale! You’ve been building up to this moment all day so make it count!

Try to last a full hour and go a little crazy you can burn nearly 300 calories!

Then collapse and rejoice! You’ve just had a healthy, happy (ending) Valentine’s Day.

Side note: My wife completely embarrassed me on live TV when I was talking about this!