McDonald's FloridaThe most unhealthy item on McDonald’s menu contains a whopping 1310 calories and your body probably won’t be loving it.

The unhealthy honor belongs to the big breakfast with hotcakes and a large biscuit. The meal comes with hotcakes, scrambled eggs, hash browns, sausage, and a biscuit. You also get syrup two types of butter: salted and whipped salted.

The meal accounts for almost a full day’s worth of sodium and puts one heck of a dent in the recommended 2,000 calorie limit. In fact, the most unhealthy item on McDonald’s menu exceeds the daily recommended limit in a number of areas.

Keep in mind the figures don’t include a drink and juices and sodas can be serious sugar and calorie traps.

The big breakfast with hotcakes is not part of McDonald’s all day breakfast menu.

Here’s the full tale of the tape.

Most Unhealthy Item On McDonald’s Menu

Big Breakfast with Hotcakes Nutrition Info

Value: Total – % Daily Recommended Intake

Calories: 1310 — 66%
Calories from fat: 580 — n/a
Total fat (g): 64 — 98%
Sat fat (g): 24 — 120%
Trans fat (g): 1 — n/a
Cholesterol (mg): 510 — 170%
Sodium (mg): 2040 — 89%
Total carbs (g): 147 — 49%
Fiber (g): 5 — 20%
Sugar (g): 49 — 196%
Protein (g): 34 — 68%

Is McDonald’s Healthier Than Chipotle?

Healthier Option

Eating healthy at a fast food restaurant can be difficult, but not impossible depending on what your nutrition goals are. The quality of food is often much lower at these places which can make eating clean that much more of a challenge.

However, it is possible to control the amount of fat and calories you are consuming. If possible, review the restaurant’s nutrition information before you go and figure out a meal that won’t derail your fitness progress.

Sticking with the morning theme here, instead of gorging on the big breakfast with hotcakes, try going with the fruit and maple oatmeal without the brown sugar or cranberry raisin blend. The cranberries and raisin blend has a ton of added sugar. The good news is that the oatmeal still comes with diced apples to sweeten things up. This is only about 170 calories and 2.5 grams of fat. For protein, order just scrambled eggs which have a solid 13 grams and only 130 calories and 8 grams of fat.

The healthier breakfast will save you 1,010 calories and almost 53.5 grams of fat compared to the most unhealthy item on McDonald’s menu.

Although it may not sound like a lot, the protein from the egg and fiber from the oatmeal should do a pretty good job of filling you up.

Daily Nutrition Guidelines

Calories: 2000
Total fat (g): 65
Sat fat (g): 20
Cholesterol (mg): 300
Sodium (mg): 2300
Total carbs (g): 300
Fiber (g): 25
Sugar (g)*: 25
Protein (g): 50

Most Unhealthy Items On The Menu

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* Based on World Health Organization’s recommendation for added sugar. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommends limiting sugar intake to 10% of daily calories.