Burger King's Grilled Hot Dogs
Examining the nutritional info for Burger King’s grilled hot dogs. (photo: Burger King)

The nutrition info for Burger King’s grilled hot dogs shows, pound for pound, they have the same amount of fat and calories as a Whopper.

Because hamburgers and hot dogs are as American as apple pie, it’s no surprise the grilled dogs from Burger King have been a big hit with customers since being added to the permanent menu.

Because these hot dogs are smaller than the iconic burger, you might think they are the healthier option. However, that’s not necessarily the case.

Burger King’s grilled hot dogs weigh 123 grams, which is slightly more than a quarter-pound. A Whopper is about double that, clocking in at 260 grams or a little more than a half-pound. Keep this in mind as we start to look at the nutrition facts for both.

From a weight loss perspective both items are no-no’s. You’re far better off going to Chipotle or Panera even though those foods will probably have more fat and calories. But as nutritionist Lindsay Hunt points out, not all fats are created equal and fat doesn’t necessarily make you fat. That’s why avocados, which are high in both fat and calories, are still considered healthy.

Let’s check to see how these hamburgers and hot dogs compare…

Nutrition Facts: Burger King Grilled Dog

Serving size (g): 123
Calories: 310
Total fat (g): 16
Saturated fat (g): 6
Sodium (mg): 960

Nutrition Facts: Burger King Chili Cheese Grilled Dog

Serving size (g): 123
Calories: 330
Total fat (g): 19
Saturated fat (g): 8
Sodium (mg): 980

Nutrition Facts: Burger King Whopper

Serving size (g): 260
Calories: 630
Total fat (g): 38
Saturated fat (g): 11
Sodium (mg): 810

with cheese

Serving size (g): 283
Calories: 710
Total fat (g): 45
Saturated fat (g): 15
Sodium (mg): 1160

Nutrition Facts: Burger King Bacon & Cheese Whopper

Serving size (g): 279
Calories: 750
Total fat (g): 49
Saturated fat (g): 16
Sodium (mg): 1260

Because they are only half the size of a Whopper, Burger King’s grilled hot dogs do have less calories and fat. However, if you eat two of them the numbers are pretty comparable to the burger’s.

The once exception is sodium! A single dog already has more salt than a Whopper. Doubling up on that would put a ridiculous amount of sodium in your system.

As always, your best bet is to steer clear of fast food restaurants altogether. Staying out of temptation city is a big part of how my once 420-pound body now weighs 155.