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How Much Sugar We Drink Each Year
On WJLA showing a soda a day amounts to drinking a cinder block’s weight in sugar in a year!

This week on Good Morning Washington I wanted to demonstrate the insane amount of sugar and sweetener we consume each year. We are talking TONS!

Think about this… if you drink a regular can of Coke every day for a year you’ll consume about 31 pounds of sugar. That’s the weight of a cinder block!

What about coffee?

Unless you’re drinking it black you’re probably guzzling down a ton of calories and sugar there as well. Adding just two sugars to your coffee every day adds up to more than 10,000 calories each year — or 51 Snickers bars!

One thing is crystal clear… you may not think it’s all that much at the time, but every time you pop the top or reach for that latte it really adds up!

And beware the added sugar in juices, too!

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Sugar Q&A

Q: What country consumes the most sugar?
A: U.S. by a mile — nearly twice as much as the average country

Q: How much sugar do we consume a day?
A: About what’s found in four cans of Coke

Q: How much sugar do we consume a year?
A: About 130 pounds!

Q: What happens if we drink one less soda a day?
A: You’ll save 31 pounds of sugar, 51,100 calories

Q: What happens if you put two fewer sugars in your coffee each day?
A: You’ll save 10,950 calories

Q: What is sugar’s effect on weight loss?
A: Spend all the time you want in the gym, but many doctors now say nutrition is key and “physical activity alone does not promote weight loss.”

Q: Is sugar addictive?
A: Yes, studies show sugar can be as addictive as cocaine