— The biggest reason ‘The Biggest Loser’ contestants gain the weight back —

On “Good Morning Washington” discussing what makes it so hard for The Biggest Loser contestants to keep the weight off once the cameras stop rolling.

The reason why so many of the contestants fail to maintain the weight loss is because virtually everyone who gets that heavy is addicted to food. And if you think after you slim down you can have just a little bit of the foods that made you heavy in the first place you’re wrong.

It’s no different than an ex-smoker who thinks they can light up just once. The next thing you know they buy a pack and start puffing away again. Why even put that back in your body?! Stay committed and disciplined.

It doesn’t help that your body physically fights to put the weight back on for the year after you’ve shed the weight. Keep in mind that as hard as you’ve worked to slim down you’re body is working just as hard to undo all of the progress. Blame it on metabolism and hormones.

Addiction is a lifelong struggle, but I believe it’s also something EVERYONE can conquer.