We all know that vegetables are some of the healthiest things we can eat, but what are the best vegetables for weight loss?

I was already eating some of them, before I had any idea they were helping me keep off the 265 pounds I lost! Now, there are all part of my regular diet.

Try to incorporate them into your menu more often and you’ll also find these are the best vegetables for weight loss!

Best Vegetables For Weight Loss

Red, Green and Spicy Peppers

Hot peppers are great for losing weight because they are a natural metabolism booster. But if you’re not a fan of setting your mouth on fire with spicy food there’s no need to worry! Sweet red and green peppers can also help you shed unwanted pounds.

Mild peppers contain the compound dihydrocapsiate which has the same waist shrinking effect as hot peppers.

Plus, just one cup of them has three times the amount of Vitamin C you need in a day. Why is that important? Because the same vitamin that fights off a cold also fights off fat around your belly.


Make like Popeye and eat your spinach! This green leafy staple is full of protein which not only helps keep you feeling full, but helps build muscle. And muscle burns fat!

Plus, spinach contains high levels of thylakoids which helps to curb unhealthy cravings!


Broccoli is great for weight loss! If you’re not eating it you are missing out!

This green powerhouse helps your body create more testosterone. And women don’t need to worry because it’s not enough to make a beard sprout on your face.

However, broccoli contains enough testosterone to wage war on fat being stored on your body.

Plus, it’s full of Vitamin C and fat free! Broccoli can also boost your mood when you’re feeling depressed.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes can also help you lose weight. They are lower in calories and higher in fiber than white potatoes!

Fiber helps to keep your belly feeling full and reduces the risk of mindless snacking that can really pack on the pounds! Plus, sweet potatoes are loaded with vitamins A and C.

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