— 7 healthy stress fighting foods —

Before you pull your hair out try eating these seven healthy foods that can help relieve stress.


Rich in folate which produces dopamine, a happy brain chemical that helps you keep calm and carry on. Studies also show the more folate you eat the lower your risk for depression. Avocados also contain an ample dose of Vitamin B which can have a positive effect on your mood.


Vitamin C is typically associated with oranges, but blueberries are also full of it. The vitamin, widely used to boost our immune system when we’re sick, has been shown to alleviate stress. Also high in antioxidants that will rid your body of free radicals.

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Green tea

Drinking five cups of green tea daily has been shown to relieve stress by 20 percent. The tea contains the amino acid L-theanine which combats anxiety and promotes relaxation.


Cashews are high in zinc. That’s key here because low zinc levels have been tied to both anxiety and depression. Also, the body cannot store zinc so these nuts are a good option every day. Just be mindful of portions as they are high in fat and calories.

Dark chocolate

If you have a sweet tooth you’re going to love this. Dark chocolate has been shown to lower blood pressure, thus giving a tranquil and comforting feeling. Unsurprisingly, studies show people tend to eat more chocolate when they’re feeling depressed. Keep in mind the benefits of milk chocolate are minimal.


The breakfast favorite is full of complex carbohydrates that help the brain produce serotonin. Serotonin is a happy chemical that creates a soothing feeling to overcome stress. Oatmeal is also one of the five best foods for weight loss.


Milk is high in vitamin D which has been shown to boost happiness. That’s why people smile at the beach when they’re soaking up D from the sun rays.