— How to workout during your workday —
Chuck Carroll WJLA
A few simple tips to get a little workout in during your workday.

You can workout during your workday and eliminate the struggle of making it to the gym at the day’s end. The struggle is real and you know it.

Many of us are going in to work earlier and staying later. The hours just keep getting longer and longer no matter how much we try to tell ourselves we’re leaving right at 5 o’clock.

By the time you finally do walk out of the office the thought of going to the gym can be stomach churning. The fatigue and frustrations that come with the job can be crippling, both emotionally and physically. Surely, the couch seems more alluring than the treadmill.

This is trap we can all fall in. So, to dig out we need to retrain the way we think about our day.

What if you can get your workout in during your work day?

You can. And it starts with just a pair of sneakers and a willingness to venture outside during lunch.

I was never much of a gym rat and honestly didn’t get a membership until I had already reached my target weight. For me, the key to losing 265 pounds was walking. Make a commitment to yourself and you can find the same success!

To this day walking is the most beneficial exercise for me when it comes to maintaining the weight loss.

Workday Workout

Follow these simple steps to take charge of your health and maximize your time at the office.

Going to Work
  • Park in the last space available and walk to the door. Don’t fight for that space up front!
  • With this habit you could find yourself walking an extra 50 miles every year
At Work
  • Don’t sit at your desk all day! Be social. Get some steps in by going and talking with friends at work. Just don’t make sure you’re talking about something work-related (cough, cough) when the boss walks by.
  • Start a walking club and start gossiping on the go. It gives you something to look forward to plus it gives you the best chance possible to succeed in shedding pounds. It’s all about accountability. Plus, who wants to let their friends down?!
  • Ask your boss for an extended lunch break. Yes, it’s okay to do this. I asked my boss for a longer lunch break so I could get in longer walks. They happily agreed provided I made the time up at the end of the day.
  • At least walk to lunch. If you’re not going to get in a full walk pick a restaurant that’s a few blocks away. Over time those micro walks will add up.